Learning Management System from Education2.0 can be generally defined as a software application that caters to 360-degree education services for students, graduates, and employee aspirants.

The platform is tailor-made and can be customized as per the choice and interests of the clients. At present, the ready-to-be-used platform includes K-12 and coaching. In addition, the package comprises E-learning materials, class notes, access to the digital library, previous year question papers, expert lecture series on particular subjects, seminars, mock tests, and soon. Notable Features, the LMS/LXP from Education2.0 leverages tate-of-art and unique content delivery metrics that guides students to the exact information.

They can easily attend the online classes through the one-click option, comment during the sessions, and write down notes using an intelligent notepad. The significant advantage of using Education2.0 LMS/LXP is its potential to allow users to attend the class anywhere by logging into the application through mobile or internet access devices.

Learning Management systems enable Lecturers/ trainers the flexibility to create and deliver content, monitor student/ learner participation and assess performance. The LMS/LXP track the status of the students in real-time, especially during online classes, the number of exit to the application, changeover to other webpages, live attendance tracking, and more. This can change and successfully introduce the concept of conducting online exams.


We want to make learning easy, so we have prepared a KWL (Know, Want, Learn) chart; this is a part of our LMS/LXP program. It will be the kid's best friend as it will help them summarise the learning into three categories. "Know" is where the kid can mention what they know about a specific topic, "Want" is where the kid can say what they want to understand from a subject, and "Learn" is the difference between what the kid has learned and what they have gotten from it. All in all, this is a kid's guide to systematic learning.

Updated Teacher lesson plan

We understand the hurdle teachers face in contemplating data and monitoring the same. Hence, we have created a detailed dashboard for the teachers as a part of our LMS/LXP to watch and keep track of everything they teach in class. Moreover, it allows them to create daily and weekly plans and organise their study structure. It monitors attendance, exam result and homework for each kid and as a whole.

Updated GPA Calculator

The GPA calculator is a tracker feature in our LMS/LXP that helps kids maintain and track their GPA every semester to see their performance and work hard to achieve their desired GPA. It helps in monitoring individual semesters and also as a whole.

Updated Student Lesson Plan

SLP is a systematic tracker for all the required information and affirmation that are required to be tracked by kids to see and monitor their performance. Our SLP, a vital feature of our LMS/LXP, has a different section for monitoring all the details like Lesson schedules, Study plans, Exam schedules and Homework. It also helps them follow a weekly timetable for each subject and helps them plan their weekly study plan accordingly.

Alterable Arrangements

We understand the fact that every individual in an organisation has different needs. Hence, we have curated our program so you can tailor-make your program by choosing your required services and maximising the output. There is no restriction in services; we have kept it flexible in finding a fit for everyone.

Integrating Education2.0 LMS/LXP With Other Systems and Migrating Legacy Data:

LMS/LXP Implementation: Integration and Migration.

Improved data management:

Integrating a Learning Management System (LMS) with other learning delivery systems can be a game changer. Seamlessly integrating many different types of L&D and software applications into one centralized platform makes it possible to create flexible, personalized learning experiences for Education2.0 students. Integrating LMS/LXP with other learning systems could be a game changer. In addition to allowing academic faculty to track and analyze student data efficiently, it can provide several other benefits. Using one system to manage all aspects of online tutoring can ensure that all learners have a consistent experience. Integrating LMS/LXP with an application like Canvas can create flexible interactive optimized for organizing the best contents on Stem programs. We are ahead of team players in Learning and doing (L&D).

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