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Microsoft for education

Microsoft Education provides schools with solutions, technologies and education expertise to accelerate opportunities for all learners.

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Google for Education

Google workspace provides simple, secure & flexible tools for education along with enhancing the learning experience with Google Classroom.

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Career 360

This digital platform includes multiple & holistic approaches toward building youth careers. The tools adopted are – Career Counselling, information on rankings for over 30,000 colleges, 500 exams, and 500 courses, prediction of college admission chances and ranks based on advanced analytics.

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Discovery Education

A platform that provides high-quality content, ready-to-use activities, and useful teaching & assessment tools to create a lasting educational impact in any learning environment. From science to STEM, social studies, Math, Professional learning and a lot more, the Discovery education targets to make you a holistic learner.

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Next Education

A platform where well-researched curriculum is combined with multi-faceted pedagogy to create academic solutions. The platform covers Preschool Curriculum, Primary & Middle School Curriculum, Secondary & Senior Secondary School Curriculum.

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Learning is a collection of high-quality instructional resources that help students learn and grow by accessing grade-level materials. Grounded in best practice instructional design, these tools provide rigorous and motivating reading and mathematics instruction.

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A platform that has one secure platform to give access to digital learning, better Edtech, ensuring parents' interference too in your child’s education through one mobile app.

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As they say “Everyone has their own way of learning and expressing creativity. Apple technology and resources empower every kind of educator — and every kind of student — to learn, create and define their own success. Let’s move the world forward.” Be it a student of K-12, Higher education, or University student Apple has it all to give the best learning experience through its apps, processor, and much more.

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Like any LMS/LXP, Schoology Learning offers class rostering and grade syncs with your SIS. But only PowerSchool can offer attendance and standards grade pass back between Schoology Learning and PowerSchool SIS.

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From #Learn anything #WithMe to Tips For Job Seekers, Back to school study tips, YouTube has everything in its bag to educate you on topics that you would ever want to learn.

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