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Project “NEELA” has been designed for the conservation of various birds which are rapidly becoming extinct. Our project is preparing to establish eco-friendly bird feeders for the protection of the same.


According to ornithologists, the population of many species of birds has decreased by 50-60%. The reasons are ongoing decline in greenery, forest areas and water bodies. Scarcity of food is a major reason for this decline.


Installation of eco-friendly bird feeders on trees at public parks will enable birds to get their food in a natural and safe environment and protect them from predators.

Parks are places where people come to enjoy nature and its wildlife. Project NEELA will bring awareness of the need to protect these species There would be arrangements to provide fresh feed and water, thus helping in the conservation of birds and preventing their extinction. This awareness is especially important to bring to children as they are the future of society.

Why adopt NEELA?

Adopting NEELA, a non-profit initiation, will make people more aware of the role birds play in nature and the importance of their conservation.

Providing bird feeders in parks will help propagate the species which is so vital to the health of this planet.

Birds bring their song to us, bringing pleasure and uplifting our spirit. By studying them in their natural habitat, we learn how important they are to our world.
We are responsible for the well being of earth. Let us give back to nature what she gives to us through the birds and other creatures.

Our Mission

NEELA brings the initiative to neighborhood parks by providing them with the basics - “food”. It is the basic need for survival and our mission is to provide that need.

Parks are where people come together to enjoy fresh air and nature. The department recognizes the need to develop a way to bring balance through our connection with nature and its creatures.

Our Vision

Uninterrupted Food Supply

Timely Arrangements For Hygienic Food And Water

Habitat Conservation Movement

Maintaining Ecological Balance

Connecting With Mother Nature

Educating The Next Generation

What We Do?

Uninterrupted Food supply

NEELA aims to provide birds a reliable source of a year-round supply of food and water. With bird feeders acting as natural food uppliers, birds have a reliable, secure, and plentiful source of food to keep them well-fed and thriving.

Timely Arrangements

The simple act of putting out bird feeders, keeping them clean and filled can improve the chances of helping birds and their offspring survive.

Ecological Balance

Birds are a large part of balancing our eco system. Everything in nature is interdependent and any imbalance affects the planet as a whole. Let us help educate our children about the importance of the role birds and animals play in our survival. They maintain an eco-system through their feeding and eliminating habits. Trees in a jungle have proliferated from bird droppings. Every species has their own typical way of contributing to nature. Birds make us happy and soothe our nerves through their colorful plumage and songs. Humanity needs some respite from the rat-race life to take time to connect with nature in order to thrive. Our intent is to help this process through keeping the bird species survive.

Conservation Movement

As concrete jungles take over, it displaces animals and birds. It is ime to give back by providing sustenance to our fellow creatures and helping them thrive.

Made with Love

Our bird feeders are optimally made for their purpose. They are designed to reduce waste of birdseed and provide the birds a perch to rest on while they feed in peace and safety.

Connecting with Nature

The reason for the imbalance in the world is our disconnection with nature. As cities grow, it is important to have nature also maintained around us. It brings awareness of the role it plays in our survival.

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